Reinhard G. Bretzel, MD, PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Director of the Experimental and Clinical Islet Transplant Program, Chair of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology & Diabetology, Head of Third Medical Department at University of Giessen. Co-founder of the ITR and member of the editorial board since 1989, has been appointed as Director of the ITR and Chairman of the Editorial Board since October 1996.
Mathias D. Brendel, MD, has returned from a fellowship at the Cell Transplant Center of the Diabetes Research Insitute, University of Miami, Florida, and succeeded Bernhard J. Hering, MD, as Coordinator of the Clinical and Experimental Islet Transplant Program at Giessen University. He has now been appointed Registry Coordinator and member of the Editorial Board.
Bernhard J. Hering, MD, has been a founder of the ITR and member of the Editorial Board since 1989 together with Prof. Bretzel and Prof. Federlin. He now has accepted a new position as the Head of the Islet Transplant Program at the Diabetes Institute for Immunology and Transplantation, University of Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). Following organizational changes, he was appointed Director of the newly established North American Office of the ITR.
Andreas O. Schultz, Medicine Information Manager, Registry Administrator and member of the Editorial board, has joined the Registry in July 1991. As the data base manager he is responsible for design, maintenance, quality control and improvements of the databases as well as computer and network facilities and programming. In addition, he is performing data analysis, prepares presentation material, the ITR-Newsletters and the Web pages.
Barbara Schultz, Registry Assistant, has been a staff member of the Registry since its beginning. She is coordinating the filing processes, preparing all national and international correspondence, grants, abstracts and manuscripts and meeting organization for the Registry. In addition, she is Personal Assistant to Professor Bretzel.
Markus Mann, Registry Programmer, has joined the team in 1997. He is responsible for data base programming. Moreover, he supports the Registry Administrator regarding data and statistical analysis.